New drill with replaceable drill bit

Kyocera Unimerco introduces the DRA MagicDrill – a new generation of drills with replaceable tip.

This DRA MagicDrill features a new and innovative tool design where the drill head is clamped with a screw function. This means less wear on the drill body, and in addition to that, replacing the insert on the drill tip is easy and convenient. Furthermore, various dimensions of inserts can be used. In other words, you can use the same drill body for several dimensions of inserts, Simon Sondrup, sales manager at Kyocera Unimerco, explains.


”You can change the insert many times and still achieve stable and safe clamping, with no risk of breakage or quality issues – neither on the drill tip nor on the drill body. That translates to savings, and, at the same time, clamping is both precise and easy”, Simon Sondrup says.


Low cutting force and good hole accuracy

”Due to the design of the drill tip, the new DRA drill has a low cutting force and excellent self-centering. The relatively aggressive rake angle on the point geometry as well as a higher web diameter makes the DRA extremely light-cutting in the drilling process”, Simon Sondrup says.


DRA MagicDrill

Kyocera’s new DRA MagicDrill with replaceable drill tip offers long tool life and excellent hole accuracy.


He adds that the tool body features optimised chip thinning and high rigidity. This results in high-quality holes with excellent roundness and increased process reliability, besides reducing or eliminating the need for finishing. These are all important factors for productivity.


Two different coatings for almost every need

The DRA MagicDrill is available in two versions with two different qualities of the Kyocera Megacoat coating on the inserts. This makes it possible to machine most types of workpiece material.


One quality, PR1535, with Megacoat Nano coating, results in a great all-round drill for efficient machining of both steel and stainless materials. The PR1535 is very heat-resistant, and this increases both tool life and stability.


The other type of insert, PR1525, with Megacoat coating, is suitable for cast iron. Both qualities are available in many different dimensions – from Ø7.94 to Ø25.5 mm and in 3xD, 5xD and 8xD”, Simon Sondrup says.