Kyocera presented new cutting tool solutions at EMO in Milan

Kyocera exhibited its latest innovations in the cutting tools sector at EMO Milan 2015

Kyocera presented its new solutions for the Cutting Tools sector at the EMO trade fair: Si3N4 ceramic insert grades for cast iron milling, KS6030 - SiAION ceramics for finishing to medium cutting of heat resistant alloy and the special made MAGIC DRILL DRX drills made in europe. 4TFK and 4TFR - high efficiency end mills for difficult-to-cut materials.


Si3N4 ceramic insert grades

New Si3N4 ceramic insert grades for cast iron milling

Ceramic grades for high speed and high efficiency machining KS6050/CS7050 are added to MFK indexable milling cutter for cast iron, a milling system that allows machinists to reduce costs and improve their milling operations. KS6050 is the first choice for cast iron showing high fracture resistance at interrupted cut. CS7050 is recommended first for ductile cast iron. Its wear resistance improve-ment due to high coating adhesion is perfect for high speed cutting.



KS603 New SIAION ceramics

KS6030 - New SiAION ceramics for finishing to medium cutting of heat resistant alloy.

This new ceramics for turning application shows superior wear and fracture resistance and is highly resistant to burrs and chipping. It is also applicable to milling operation. It complements the KS6040 which is also a SiAlON ceramic grade for roughing (heat resistant alloy). It provides also excellent wear and fracture resistance and performs good in low speed (100-300m/min) condition.




MAGIC DRILL DRX drills: Custom made tools from Europe

The Kyocera Unimerco Group offers its customers a special service since May 2015: Production of custom indexable inserts and tool holders, which offer precise solutions for customers’ individual requirements. From this EMO on, Kyocera offers its MAGIC DRILL DRX drills in special dimension and as step drills (using ISO inserts at the step). Available diameter from ø13.5 mm and higher. You can choose if you need Integrated cone – e.g. HSK & Capto, what insert type and internal coolant when needed.



4TFK high efficiency end mill

4TFK/4TFR - high efficiency end mill for difficult-to-cut materials

Kyoceras new 4TFK/4TFR end mill series provides the best solution for Titanium machining. The 4TFK/4FTR are high efficiency end mill for difficult-to-cut materials, providing excellent chip evacuation at high feed by wide chip pocket and large rake angle. Stable and long tool life are possible thanks to Kyoceras original PVD coating technology MEGACOAT NANO.


Si3N4 ceramic isert grades