Kyocera Unimerco is not just a supplier of tools – we also offer you a wide range of services.


This means you get a total solution that makes everyday life easier while reducing your costs.


Tool management systems
When your stock of a given tool has reached a certain minimum level, we will automatically replenish. It is simple and easy, and you need not check if the tools are in stock. 
RE•NEW™ regrinding
We regrind your tools and restore their original geometries, so they work just as well as new tools. That is why we call the process RE•NEW™.
Book a meeting with our optimization expert, and learn how you can become more competitive and improve your bottom line. 
Give your employees a course and get much more out of your machinery and tools. 
We can give your tools the right surface coating. That adds a number of good properties, improving both function and tool life.