It is essential for your machining economy that you choose the toolholding system best suited for your specific machining process.

Get expert advice on making the right choices from our wide range of toolholding systems. The toolholders have their own individual strengths and fit different machining tasks.

Beyond our standard range, we can also help you if you need a special toolholder in your production.

Rotating tools
Kyocera Unimerco’s range of rotating tools are made by German manufacturer Heimatec, just like our angle heads. The wide range features tools for most types of machines.
Shrink-fit chucks
Universal holders for all types of machining. High, uniform clamping force and good runout make this a good alternative, for example for HSM machining.
Hydraulic toolholders
Toolholders for high-speed machining such as milling, drilling, counterboring and thread turning.
Mechanical toolholders
A cost-effective and flexible solution for ordinary machining.
Wide range of accessories, for example extensions, clamping bolts, lock nuts, cooling pipes etc.

Call our consultants, who will advise you on choosing the best solution for the task. Call us on +45 97 14 14 11.