Newly developed unique cermet base material with thick cvd coating. Excellent wear resistance provides long tool life for low carbon steel, general, steel and cast iron machining.



  • CVD coated cermet for finishing
  • Shows greater strength and wear resistance in a wide range of cutting speeds from general to high speed machining
  • Great chipping resistance with specialized high-strength micro grain substrate and the compressive residual stress of a CVD coating layer
  • High efficiency and long tool life oriented



  • Specialized high-strength micro grain cermet including a high metal content binder phase
  • High wear and fracture resistance



  • Long tool life in high speed machining of soft steel and general steel
  • Long tool life for cast iron finishing


Cermet application map



x-axis: Surface finish ; y-axis: Cutting speed

Blue: CCX - High efficiency and long tool life oriented

Dark grey: PVD coated cermet - Good balance of high efficiency machining and surface finish quality

Light grey: Cermet - Surface finish oriented