Buying a new machine?

– free advice before purchasing your new machine


As a manufacturer in the woodworking industry, you have the complex task of purchasing new machines. A decision that requires special knowledge and insight in conditions that are not normally considered.


Involve experienced technicians

It is a good idea to involve experienced technicians who normally relate to these decisions – also in relation to buying the correct tools.


Choose the right tools

The optimum tool and machine will improve your production
and give you:

  • Improved working environment
  • Less finishing
  • High quality
  • Fewer rejects
  • Optimum machining speed
  • Long tool life
  • Good return on invested capital


Include your tool supplier

To make the right choice it is important to include your tool supplier as early as possible. We form a close partnership with our customer and the machine supplier in order to create the best overall solution on the market, giving you the lowest unit costs.


We offer:

  • Performance guarantee
  • Delivery safety
  • High quality and service
  • Independent future
  • Start-up help
  • Education
  • The lowest operating costs of the market
  • Financing


The choice is yours – choose the optimum solution.


Contact our experienced consultants and they will advise you on choosing the best solution for the task. 


Phone 0045 97 14 14 11 or email [email protected].